beAnywhere, that's photography and storytelling.

That's digital lifestyle and work anywhere.

beAnywhere, that's us, Marina and Falko.

Photo-addicted and always with at least one camera in our luggage 📸, a mobile home on four wheels 🚐 and endless enthusiasm for the beauty of nature – from the Alpine peaks to the North Sea. ✨

We live and work everywhere and offer professional outdoor photography, video and fresh storytelling for businesses and brands. Every project is unique for us and high quality and the best possible result are close to our hearts.

The idea behind beAnywhere is to show others that traveling should not only be a holiday option. That you can discover new places in everyday life and that you can work digitally from (almost) anywhere. We share our experiences to encourage others to try out new ways of living and working.

Marina Kraus

Experience Designer

“Make it fun and easy” – that’s Marina’s motto, whether it’s photography, remote work, or the user experience. She is all about true corporate storytelling in text and images, photo campaigns that convey values and emotions, and authentic brand experiences.

More about her work as a product designer you can find on her portfolio.

Marina Kraus
Falko Burghausen

Falko Burghausen

Photographer & CTO

Falko without a camera, it’s so rare that you should almost photograph it. 😅

Packed with a camera, tripod, and lenses, his passion is outdoor photography. Usually in the mountains, but now and then also in rustic villages or modern cities. For Falko, photography is much more than just taking pictures. It is the art of telling stories with images.

As a #digitalnomad, he fully works remotely first and likes to be inspired by new technologies and digital tools, because New Work is much more than just a buzzword for Falko.

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