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Behind every picture is a story. And we tell our stories with the best pictures.

One must travel, to learn.

Mark Twain

Our blog is just as diverse as we are. That’s why we’ve created very different formats to share each of our experiences with you in the best way possible.


In text-emphasized stories combined with great pictures we take you with us on our experiences in rough mountain landscapes, snowy forests or between old town alleys. In our #bildwelten, on the other hand, the focus is on full-screen photographs. True to the motto “Show, don’t tell!” we invite you in this section to get purely involved in the visual experience. Maybe we can show you one or the other location that you have missed so far. And in the best case we will motivate you to go out and explore the world yourself.


Every picture has its own story. In the section “In Focus” you get a look behind the scenes and learn many details about the individual genesis of a photo. Are you interested in the techniques and methods used to create our photos? Then you will find in our Knowhow articles the necessary steps to capture the best pictures with your own camera. By the way: you can buy our photography as high-quality fine art prints.


How does Work Anywhere actually work? And where does the Internet come into Vanlife? These and other questions we often ask ourselves and they also reach us through you. That’s why we like to share our knowledge with you. We try a lot of things, fail sometimes and look for new solutions every time. Profit from our experiences and life hacks on location-independent working, whether from home, from a van or an AirBnB.

New Work

Digitization and globalization are changing the way we work. However, the mechanisms of how, when and where we work together are still lagging behind this change in many companies. However, we believe in New Work and new ways of working, in adapted hiring processes and a lived culture that really makes a difference in everyday work. Thanks to our many years of experience in the tech industry and in management, we can look at these changes at all levels and make them easily accessible to employees, teams and entire companies.