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Even wheat fields are green sometimes

Wheat field
ISO 400
186 mm
f/ 32
1/4 s

Find out what field hares and kiri trees have to do with an unexpected photo shoot in a wheat field in Ladenburg, Germany in this blog post.

“There! Do you see them? Two again!” Marina calls out to me.

We have been on the road for half an hour with the camera near Ladenburg and are actually waiting for the golden hour and the sunset. The RV park Ladenburg serves us as a stopover for one night on the way to the far north. A Work & Travel trip should lead us in the next eight days up to the Lofoten. This means that we will always drive in the mornings and evenings at off-peak times for around two to three hours and otherwise work out of the van – thanks to mobile Internet.

After our arrival at the campground in the afternoon, we have the urgent need to stretch our feet a little after several hours of driving. So we park the van, take a quick look at the map and start walking. During our little walk we pass a wheat field nearby, which is bordered by a small forest at the far end. The trees look somehow “funny” to us and do not correspond at all to the typical image of German forests – much too straight and tall each tree stands in its row.

Regardless of our botanical inability to determine the species of tree, in our mind’s eye we see the evening sun casting its golden rays over the wheat field in the foreground as the ruts lead down into the depths behind to the trees. But the time is not ripe yet – hard daylight is just not good for photography. But in two hours…

One dinner and some research later (the trees are a kiri tree plantation) we can already be seen creeping around again in the same place. This time, however, with the camera in hand and attentively keeping an eye on the sinking sun position.

At the moment, however, we are busy with something completely different: in the golden evening light, the eponymous, long-eared inhabitants are cavorting in the fields. A whole armada of field hares scurry from left to right, from one field to the next and fill their bellies with small corn plants. I wonder what the farmer thinks of that.

We don’t know, but in the meantime the sun is ideal and casts its deep rays over the wheat field swaying in the light wind. The rabbits are quickly forgotten. The sky has taken on a light purple color due to an approaching thunderstorm and the first cloud banks begin to build up. The shadows of the trees in the background give the scenery something mysterious. My only problem at the moment is the power line that runs along the right side of the wheat field – somehow the electricity has to reach the houses of the local residents. After a few attempts, however, I find a position and a picture detail in which it is fortunately not visible.

The shutter of the camera clicks a few times. And already the photo is taken and between scampering field hares and a crane resting on the other side of the path at a small swamp, we make our way back to the van before the thunderstorm can surprise us.

By the way: on my Instagram account @falko.burghausen you can regularly find more posts with new photos or videos.

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