Glacier cave – excursion into the ice

Golden larches and bright autumn colors. The stark contrast to the deep blue that we will encounter on our excursion into the interior of a Swiss glacier cave. But as impressive as the scenery is, it has an oppressive effect on us. For what we see here is quickly fleeting and will be history in a few years, indeed perhaps in a few months, never to be undone.

The glaciers of the Valais, like almost all other Alpine glaciers, are suffering from the massive warming of our planet. Everywhere, a more or less strong retreat can be observed – and this with an increasing speed that, compared to the lifetime of a glacier, must be called downright frantic.

We venture a glimpse into one of the huge ice caves formed by melt water in spring. Although the glacier in this area has already melted almost completely, a small icy remnant, covered by tons of debris, has persisted until now. Especially in spring, when the snow melts, huge amounts of thundering water flow through the natural ice tunnel, forming over time a fragile and not without danger work of art. All around the edges there are huge amounts of loose stones and boulders that can fall down uncontrollably at any time (and do so regularly, as we can observe with our own eyes).

Join us on a short trip into the unfortunately not at all eternal ice and let the impressive scenery have a visual effect on you in our #bildwelten format.

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