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Endless view at Storevatnet in Hemsedal

Wooden bridge
ISO 100
10 mm
f/ 10
1/100 s

A small wooden bridge in Hemsedal, Norway, on the banks of Storevatnet. Where might it lead to?

Our van trip through the southern part of Norway in September 2021 took us once again to the picturesque Hemsedal. A few years earlier, the icy wind had almost blown us off the summit of the striking, 1700 m high Skogshorn, but this time the weather was kind to us and gave us two days with lots of sun, mild temperatures and – almost most important for landscape photography – with lots of warm light in the evenings.

It didn’t take much to leave the last tarred remnants of civilization behind us from our campsite and shortly thereafter find ourselves in the middle of a seemingly endless lake district of Storevatnet and Helsingvatnet. In the late afternoon this photo was taken with the drone. Only the small wooden bridge in the foreground reveals that there must be people here, otherwise the view is lost in almost endless forests and lakes.

In the Norwegian highlands, the weather can also change quickly: when we wake up the next morning, a wet, gray and cold autumn day awaits us. Although I personally like this mixture of sunshine, clouds, rainy days and wind and with the amount of dry days, weeks and sometimes even whole months, it is certainly good for nature when it gets really wet.

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