How to use the panorama viewer

Our panoramic images will open in a new browser window to give you the best possible view of these professionally taken, high-resolution photographs. Each panorama consists of several individual images taken with a special panorama head with nodal point adapter and then stitched together to create a large, full-frame panorama. By zooming, scrolling, dragging or swiping (on mobile devices) you can immerse yourself in the image and discover the details. On mobile devices, the VR mode is also available, in which you can interactively move through the panorama by panning your smartphone.

zoom in

Zoom in
Discover the details in the panorama.

zoom out 1

Zoom out
Go back to the overview.

autorotate start

Autorotate on
Activates automatic rotation, if available.

autorotate stop 1

Autorotate off
Disables automatic rotation.


Stereographic mode
Activates the Stereographic mode.


Rectilinear mode
Activates the Rectilinear mode (default).


Fisheye mode
Activates the Fisheye mode.

fullscreen on 1

Fullscreen on
Activates the fullscreen mode.

fullscreen off 1

Fullscreen off
Disables the fullscreen mode.

gyro on

VR mode on
Activates the virtual reality (VR) mode on mobile devices (recommended).

gyro off

VR mode off
Disables the virtual reality (VR) mode.