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Plants are a living part of our everyday environment and natural works of art. They germinate, sprout, grow, thrive, breathe, blossom, and seed. Their appearance changes incessantly and depends strongly on the seasons. Sun, water, wind and nutrients influence their appearance and behavior and determine their natural location.

As a photographic subject, plants are extremely interesting because they convey a calming effect and create worlds all their own in which we as viewers can immerse ourselves. The color interplay of plants and their surroundings is often very harmonious by nature – green dark forests appear mysterious and mystical, autumnal discolorations show us already familiar landscapes in a completely new light and colorful flowers exude energy and joie de vivre, where, on the other hand, winter leaves the plants dormant. Plant pictures thus convey a wide range of colors, motifs and emotions and bring the most beautiful nature experiences directly into your own four walls.

Buying a wall print is an important decision, after all, you may (must) look at the chosen motif again and again and therefore want to enjoy it for years. Plant motifs are timeless and often not related to a specific place. Thus, our plant motifs are universally applicable and unfold their effect even after frequent viewing, without having “had enough”. Once you have found your motif, you can choose between many sizes and various types of materials, so that the motif corresponds exactly to your ideas and can be made to fit your wall.

And impressive.

High quality printing on exclusive materials

landschaftsfotografie kaufen acrylglas

Acrylic glass

Plexiglas® is a highly transparent, age and weather resistant acrylic glass. After exposure on premium photo paper, your photo is laminated behind the acrylic sheet using adhesive or silicone lamination. Smallest details of our landscape photos are reproduced in high sharpness.

landschaftsfotografie kaufen alu-dibond

Aluminum dibond

With alu-dibond murals you hit the nerve of the time and get a discreet material with high stability, durability and dimensional stability. Alu-Dibond consists of two thin aluminum plates and a hard plastic core.

landschaftsfotografie kaufen leinwand


The combination of traditional high-quality canvas with sturdy wooden frame gives any room an incomparable atmosphere. The tear-resistant polyester fabric results in an evenly textured surface, which is professionally hand-applied to the wooden slats and then stretched with wooden wedges.

landschaftsfotografie kaufen hahnemühle

Hahnemühle FineArt paper

Hahnemühle’s FineArt papers bring out our images in a particularly artistic way and are ideally suited for discerning customers. The artist paper impresses with its textured surface and is considered a stylish and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional photo papers. These pictures are delivered without frame or mounting material.

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