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In focus – the story behind the picture

If you want to know where, how, when and why the pictures from our portfolio were taken and also don’t want to miss the latest landscape photography, you can find a lot of info about the story behind the picture in our photography blog.

Letters from Anywhere

In our beAnywhere newsletter, we feature travel stories about unforgettable places, share photography know-how that will take you further, and write about sustainability and the working world of the future.

Photography designed by nature.

Falko Burghausen, Marina Kraus – beAnywhere

About us

With beAnywhere, we combine the know-how from over a dozen years of experience in the tech industry with our enthusiasm for traveling and photography – visually and eloquently.

In our articles and photo spreads, we tell you about the small and big adventures we embark on, share background knowledge on photography and discuss New Work and Work Anywhere.