June 2023 – Grimsel region

The area around the Grimsel Pass is probably one of the wildest and most remote regions of Switzerland

Mountain Wilderness may be a term used by some to describe the alpine conservation organization of the same name, which aims to preserve wild and, as far as possible, untouched habitats in the Alps. But it is also a term that describes very well the Bernese Alps around the striking Finsteraarhorn as well as the Lauteraarhorn, which can be seen on our picture of the month June on a late summer evening.

These two mountains, both over 4000 m high, can only be reached on foot in climbs of several hours through wild and untouched landscapes consisting of granite rocks, debris moraines and long glacier streams. There is little infrastructure in this remote part of the Bernese Alps, and if you find yourself in the heart of the Oberaar region, it is many hours on foot before you reach civilization again.

The Grimsel reservoir has been the subject of much discussion in recent years surrounding a planned increase in the height of the dam to help secure Switzerland’s energy supply from renewable sources. As a result, the alluvial plain in the rear part of the lake will fall victim to the water and the glacier forefield in this area will change significantly. At the time of this photograph, however, the water level is still at its original level and the image exudes much of the magical appeal of this high alpine region.

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