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Norwegian lake

ISO 100
52 mm
f/ 16
30 s

An almost perfect Norwegian lake: Storevatnet presents itself to us with countless cottages and an idyllic view.

If you couldn’t relax in this vacation home on a Norwegian lake – where could you?

The Storevatnet is a Norwegian lake, as they are found in thousands in many regions of the country: winding, with countless cottages on the shore and yet you feel almost alone in the entire region. This picture falls more into the category “spontaneous snapshot” and was taken during a small hike at Storevatnet near Hemsedal. While during the day often the light conditions are not necessarily optimal, we were lucky because of the already quite low, autumnal sun position and there were no too harsh shadows. Conveniently, the clouds also meant well with us and created a nice depth effect – a perfect interplay with the small watercourse in the foreground.

I’m not quite sure if the region around Storevatnet, Helsingvatnet and Tisleifjorden is still part of Hemsedal or already part of Gols-Fjellet (if you know, please let us know in the comments) – but regardless of that, it’s an incredibly beautiful and tranquil landscape, rich in water, which presents itself to the visitor with countless lakes and long-drawn forests. Nearby, the Panoramaveien starts from the Storfjorden, which can be driven over a high plateau to Fagernes. Theoretically, certainly also a nice tour with the mountain bike, but our attempt in 2019 ended prematurely in the pouring rain… Directly behind me towers the striking Skogshorn and offers a shorter hike to the summit, but nevertheless with a stunning view in all directions.

So is Storevatnet the perfect Norwegian lake? Difficult to say – but definitely pretty close in our opinion.

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