Always possible: ski tour to Firsthöreli

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The Muotathal, home of the Wetterschmöcker. But because we don’t want to ask about the weather, we drive a bit further into the remote Bisisthal. Thinly populated, but in winter all the more visited by ski tourers. Surprisingly, we have the Firsthöreli, normally a much frequented tour, almost all to ourselves today. Is it due to the tense avalanche situation? Or does everyone else know something we don’t? 🤔

Anyway, we’ll be on our way.

A few years ago this driveway to the Hüttenboden was certainly only half as long as it is today! Wasn’t it?

700 endless metres of tough ascent on the forest road before the terrain finally opens up and we are standing in the sun. We leave our planned destination, the Rossgrat, to the left in the literal sense. The shady steep northern slope falls exactly into the danger grid of the avalanche report and is definitely too delicate for us today. We decide on the safe route to the Firsthöreli. Not exciting, but still beautiful.

Although the tour is certainly one of the easiest, there are some challenges waiting for me. The summit slope is hard, downhill and drops off towards the west relatively steep and rocky. I hesitate and notice again how my fear wants to deny me the summit. But not this time! Falko tries to calm me down, goes ahead, shows me possible alternatives. And lo and behold, it works. Though a bit scared, but concentrated and finally convinced, I overcome the steepest part and stand on the summit. And in the end I am so happy that we almost forget to take summit photos. 😆

But look for yourself. Watch the movie! 🎬


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