Van life

How does it work with the Internet in the van? And is van life as cool as it always sounds? We give you an honest look at our part-time home on four wheels with less hype and more real life.

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Digital Nomads

As part-time digital nomads, we are not only on the road with our van during our vacations for Sports & Travel, but also when we are pursuing our jobs. Moving from our home office to our mobile office has a positive impact on our creativity and gives us the chance to discover new locations even on work days.

Van Life Hacks

Traveling by van is often credited with the much-vaunted freedom. The connection with nature and the ease of taking a new turn every day. For vacations in a van or motorhome, this is certainly true. The days are actually relatively simple: drive, pull up to the site or campsite, enjoy. However, those who combine work and travel in a van should give it a few more thoughts. We share our van life-and-work hacks and give you a blunt look behind the scenes of romanticized work and travel on four wheels.

What you won’t find here

For us, a van is more of a means to an end, i.e. a drivable home that makes traveling easier, but by no means the center of our ventures. We didn’t build our van ourselves and can’t give you any DIY tips on that, because we’re not electricians, gas or plumbers.

beAnywhere and all of our posts are free of advertising and affiliate links and that of course applies to our posts on van life as well. So we don’t give you any (sponsored or direct) product recommendations or link to platforms like Amazon and co. If brands are recognizable on photos, this has nothing to do with a recommendation or advertising.

Digital nomad homebase
A home on four wheels, an office on wheels or simply the possibility to combine travel, sports and work spontaneously.