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Jogging in Venice, kayaking in Switzerland or trail running in Norway – sport is the key for us to explore new locations individually. That’s why we always have a camera and at least our running shoes in our luggage. In our stories you can travel with us, experience our sporty forays and get inspiration for your own trips.

Why a Sports & Travel Blog?

We like to explore new locations individually and athletically, whether on a city trip, traveling to remote landscapes or around our home base in the Swiss Alps. Our minimal equipment almost always consists of our running shoes, but often we also have other things in our luggage, depending on the destination and season.

(Trail-)Running, kayaking, cross-country skiing, hiking – the list is actually much longer, but probably it is already clear that we feel comfortable with many different sports. We are always trying something new, opening up opportunities to discover exciting places in a variety of ways and from new angles.

One must travel, to learn.

Mark Twain

Letters from Anywhere

In our beAnywhere newsletter, we feature travel stories about unforgettable places, share photography know-how that will take you further, and write about sustainability and the working world of the future.

Motivation boost
Whether at sea level or far up in the mountains, we tell our own individual stories in our stories. In doing so, we want to whet other people's appetites for new things and motivate them to take up sports and travel.

Our Sports & Travel Blog is just as diverse as we are. Movement is the fuel for us, whether in everyday life or as running travelers – because at least the running shoes are actually always in the luggage.

Our stories

Behind every picture there is a story. And we tell our stories with the best pictures. In the Sports & Travel Blog, we combine professionally photographed images with texts that are written with great attention to detail, informative and entertaining.

The afterwork trail run, a day trip with the bikes or kayaks, city trips and other travels are in the foreground here. Without advertising, but with lots of personal information and visual impressions from environment and nature.

#bildwelten stories – full-screen impressions

Pictures sometimes tell the better stories. That’s why we prefer to put the written word in the background for our #bildwelten stories and let the photos do the talking, true to the motto “Show, don’t tell!” Go on visual journeys with us thanks to full-screen photographs and discover dark forests, blue glacier landscapes and stormy coasts. Maybe we’ll motivate you to go out and explore the world out there yourself. By the way: you can also buy our photos as high-quality wall pictures.

A little bit of vanlife can’t be missing

The van is a means to an end for us. A mobile home that allows us to travel, work and explore new places on short notice and as independently as possible. What is the best way to plan a trip of several weeks and where does the internet come from on the road?

These and other questions we often ask ourselves and they also reach us through you. That’s why we like to share this knowledge with you in our travel blog. We try a lot of things, fail sometimes and look for new solutions every time. Profit from our experiences and life hacks for traveling and working in a van.

Photography designed by nature.